Monday, December 8, 2008


Our friends Nicki and Ryan Nichols invited our family to go sing Christmas songs at the nursing home with them and a few other families. Thank you so much! We had soo..much fun-Talan loved it-he continued to sing songs all the way home :) We enjoyed some really good sugar cookies, brownies and yummy frothy (sp?) hot coco before we headed out. Scotty and I both know we don't have the prettiest voices to be singing but we really enjoyed our time there and it seemed like the residence did as well. One little old man even had Talan sit on his lap, it was precious! I love this time of year. We all tend to be a little more thoughtful and go out of our way to make others feel special more often than normal. Thanks again for a memorable FHE.

****First SNOW****

I awoke at 4:30am to hearing the snowplows!!! I love what they do but boy are they loud! It worked out ok since I had to get up at 4:50 anyway to get ready to go swim with Heidi...but still-it took me a little while to realize what all the noise was about, I couldn't believe it SNOWED!!! Ya-so I truly do have mixed feelings. I love the snow but not for 9 months so I sure hope it doesn't stick around that long! But it did feel a little bit warmer today :) Talan was so excited to see the snow-he wouldn't stop asking if we could go outside and play starting at 6:30am! We finally went out around 9:30 and played for about 2 hours, it was so much fun! Here are some pictures the fabulous photographer Heidi took with her new camera-the kids look so cute. Heidi helped the boys build a snowman-I am sure Heidi has had alot of practice growing up in Alaska!
Kaden, Gunner, Talan-cheese
Kaden, Brooklyn, Gunner, Talan - Making Snowangels

Gunner and Talan hugging Mr. cute!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving at the McCoy's

We went to the festival of lights at the Fairgrounds and there was Santa...ya. So we decided to take advantage of the moment-and McKenna as you can tell gave 'the look' but she didn't cry-that's an improvement from Talans first sight of Santa! It was cold but we enjoyed walking around looking at all the lights. Scotty was the only brave guy to come :) This was the first time in a very, very long time that we were all together. Michelle and all her family and all our family plus my cousin Brandon came to my parents for the week. We had alot of fun. Unfortunately Dad got sick, then Scotty, and Brandon and eventually you see pattern-all the guys :) Hopefully JW lucks out and doesn't get whatever was going around!

Talan loves driving his car-he had alot of fun driving him and Jonathan around! Two peas in a pod. They played really well together this week! We went bowling one afternoon and Talan had a you can see! McKayla and Sierra had fun letting him help them bowl!

This is a better sight than the past 2 years! Ya! He actually had fun with Santa!

Twilight Midnight showing!!

(Nov 21, 2008)
A few of us where die hard enough to go to the midnight showing of Twilight!! We had a great time! It was even Lindsays Birthday at midnight...what a great Birthday :) We arrived 1 1/2 hours early hoping we just wouldn't be sitting in the very front row...well needless to say we weren't early enough-we were toward the end of the line and ended up in row....2 (ha, ha) at least it wasn't row 1!! Even with that it was still really good. Some people had been waiting in line since Thanks again girls, I had a great time!

Cute kids and books

Talan and McKenna both LOVE books...this was a fun day of the two of them sharing books. Talan is particularly fond of ANY book that contains animals!!
McKenna just looked adorable! ( I am a little partial though :)

They are in a stare down...Kenna has started giving 'the eye' she looks down at you and tries to roll her eyes up into the back of her's really quite cute!
Talan sure is a great big brother, sometimes wants to be a little too helpful but he sure does love her, and you can tell she loves her brother-he can always make her laught!!

Show your muscles!

(Nov 9, 08)
This is Talan running around after stopped him and said, "show me your muscles"...and this is what he did! Periodically he will ask me, where are your muscles momma? Show them too me. I guess we like to flex our muscles around here :)

Madagascar 2-Opening day!

(Nov 7, 2008)
Talan was anticipating this movie for 2 weeks!! He saw an advertisement on the TV and wanted to watch it. After explaining to him that we cannot watch it for two weeks later that day when we were driving around town he asked if we were going to the theater....I couldn't believe it! So when the opening day came we made an event out of it. He wanted to wear his Madagascar sweater/outfit and we watched the first one. At the movie we even bought a kids pack-which was a little popcorn, candy and drink in a little box-he thought is was pretty special!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I can move...

This past week McKenna has learned that she can get around!!! She does exactly what Talan used to do. She keeps the one leg bent and straightens the other to push off and move. Another freq. move is to get on all 4 and she rocks and bounces forward to move her legs forward. She looks like a little frog. And of course the usually scoot, turn, and get around! She is just too cute! Now she can entertain herself a little better and doesn't panic when I walk out of the room :)


Talan was so excited to wake up to snow!!! As soon as dad got home from school he was headed out the door to 'make foot prints.' Talan has so much fun with his Dad...they are both so lucky!

Attack of the Ducks


A friend reminded us about feeding the ducks at the ponds at the nature trails so...I thought I would take the kids out. Talan really enjoyed feeing the ducks at Hat Rock with Grandma and Grandpa Mac. Well...these ducks and geese knew exactly what they wanted. Right when we pulled up they started to swarm to car! Talan kept saying, 'the ducks are going to eat me mom!" I thought it was cute but he just hid behind my leg and I used the camera case to lightly swing around to keep a barrier. We fed the ducks our bread as quickly as possible and ran off! We decided to go for a walk on the nature path and stopped at the ponds to through much more fun! McKenna really liked watching the ducks she would turn her head as far as she could when we ran off :0)

Monday, November 3, 2008

So much hair!!!

Kenna has so much hair and I am still learning how to do it! We attempted to put a little braid and Kenna did really well...sporadically I get in the spurt to try something new. Thanks Hilarie for the motivation. Hilarie did a 2 linking pony tails with 3 link...(not sure if I explained that right) but it turned out really, really cute! I love having a little girl :0)

Trunk or Treat

Our building complex put on a trunk or treat that was really fun. There were several 'trunks' to 'treat' and Talan made out with a ton of candy!! I finally had to hide it so he would quit asking. Talan as you can see was Tiger again (this is his last year costume) and McKenna was going to be a strawberry but I miss placed her strawberry hat...darn it! Some thought she looked like strawberry shortcake :) Luckily the weather was great. It was a little chilly but much better than last year-ya!

Pumpkin Painting!

We kept putting off carving our yearly pumpkin and finally set a date to do it the night before Scotty flew out to California...but the day and night ended up being way too busy so needless to say it didn't get done :( So, the next day I thought instead of carving the pumpkin we could paint! Talan has loved painting lately and really enjoyed painting the pumpkin, he said it was a 'scary monster.' BUt as you can see McKenna wasn't having the same fun! She wanted to touch the plate of paint and Talan's painting job and he wasn't letting her!

The Allens wanted to have a Halloween party so we helped plan! It turned out to be alot of fun, the families seemed to really enjoy the scavenger hunt! Here is Talan and Brooklyn posing in front of his nice paint job!!

Scotty suggested the we dress up as ran over cyclist for our here is my effort :0) Talan helped 'tie-dye' his shirt and pick out the design. It was fun to see the different designs! Daddy was impressed. Talan and Gunner. They had alot of fun at the party together.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunny Days!

Since the weather has been so nice and soon to go we have been trying to take every advantage of it! Talan has formed himself his own little mud hole by our apartment! He loves to fill up the squirt bottle and make mud he said it is for the pigs...but the only thing he uses is his cars and skateboard! I love boys who love to get all washes away :)

Jon gave Talan a ride around the complex on his dirt bike. Talan even asked him to do a 'wheely' at then end...and Jon did! Talan had a huge smile!! Thanks Jon!

McKenna looks 'cute' mom

The kids being silly!! Talan loves his little sister...he thought is was 'cute' to give McKenna a hat, she liked it too! McKennas current favorite toy is taking apart all the puzzels and chewing on the pieces! (As you can see Talan got a hair cut...Scotty cut it last Sunday while I was taking a nap! He looks so different. My big little boy.)

Beaver Dick Park

The past three weekends the weather has been wonderful!! To take advantage of this weather we have been going out to Beaver Dick Park to have a bon fire with friends before the snow starts to stick!! We love fires...Talan has been able to play with his friend Garret while we roast marshmallows, hotdogs have hot coco and enjoy some dutch oven cooking :0) This last weekend we roast apples on the fire...yum, yum!

Scotty, Talan and Garret

Our friends Caralee (who will be missed come December), Samm and AJ

Caralee and I mixed up a suprise (hamburger, bacon, potatoes, carrots, onions, mushroom soup and cheese)for dinner. After we arrived at the fire I realized we forgot a large metal spoon to stir things around and help serve so...Jon found a piece of finish work someone left behind and widled a spoon!

The spoon worked great for stiring and serving ;)

Talan got a little tired and fell asleep bundled up in his chair.

Ward Relay

So this is early October news but I just downloaded the pictures. Our ward participated in the Spirit Ward Relay...and our ward won..we completed 30 laps as the first married ward! I almost didn't go until Susan's husband called and said we should I packed the kids up in the stroller and we ran to the stadium to help run a few laps! McKenna did great as well as Talan until the mascot came around...he has always been scared of dressed up characters. He came running over to me hugging my leg almost crying about the 'Pirate'...yep he thought the Viking was a Pirate and he was really scared :0) Talan's friend Gunner wasn't too fond of the mascot either! All in all Talan had a good time running and playing with Gunner and Dexter.

Heidi and baby Jack

Hike 'R' Mountain

After the Talans birthday party since the weather was so nice we decided to take a hike up 'R' Mountain. Scotty has hiked if for a geology class but we have never gone together. Talan wanted to walk and we put McKenna in the back pack. Iwas curious to see how well Talan would do. Over the summer he hiked pretty well by himself but there were always times when he wanted to be carried. Well...he did great!! He hiked the entire thing up and down all by himself. There were some areas that were really rocky that you had to climb up and he climbed without hesitation!! We were so proud of him.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Talan turned 3!!!

Happy Birthday Talan!! Boy how the time flies by. Talan knew exactly what he wanted this year. He informed me he wanted a 'Train Party' and a 'Chocolate Birthday Cake'! So of course that is what he got for his special day! The weather was amazing. Nice and sunny and no wind...odd for Rexburg! Talan thought the cake and decorations where 'really cool, mom' He spent the morning hanging out with dad while I cleaned. They went and washed the Rover, went Rock Crawling and while they were at Beaver Dick Park a guy offered to give him a ride on his boat-ooh, awhh. Scotty said he had alot of fun. His party went great they played a bean bag toss game and pin the face on Thomas the Train.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cell Phone Tragedy!!

So I think our one family cell phone :) has had's been ran over, dropped, thrown, drooled on...and has survived a good 2 1/2 years...well it has decided to quit charging!!!! Honestly the hardest part for me has been not being able to make the long distance calls that I have been wanting to make over the past few days and the alarm clock issue! Yes I use my phone as an alarm clock right under my I have to use an alarm clock that I paid $1 for at a yard sale that Scotty really doesn't like :) He insists on using an alarm clock that he has had since he was like 14 or 15 yrs's actually sort of cute.

So anyway we are in the process of decided to buy a new phone via the web or some other resource or to cancel our service all together and be 'cell phone less' What an odd idea this day in age! Scotty is having mixed feelings-he loves the idea of being touch less but he has also realized the nice convience as well...

Meanwhile if you need to reach us call the HOUSE phone or e-mail...we really aren't avoiding you...we just can't call!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have been Tagged!

(sorry this took so, so ,so long Brooke :0)
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours-

Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them ( I don't know how to link :) I tag- Katelyn, Hilarie, Kathryn, Marnae, Sokimna, Diane

6 quirks....

1. I like to scratch my doesn't itch or anything it just feels so, so good! I love it when scotty sits by me when we are watching a movie and he will rub and scratch my head, the bad part is I will probably go bald sooner!! I loose alot of hair sometimes...?

2. I really don't love chocolate! I know I am weird...unless it is a troufel (sp?) -thanks Hilarie-they just melt in your mouth. I prefer sour candies or vanilla ice cream!

3. I really like to read! This is new for me in the past 5 years! I love starting a new book and cannot wait to finish it to start another. It was great nursing McKenna, thats when I got alot of my reading done but she seems too interested in the book I am holding than nursing so that had to stop...therefore my reading has decreased dramatically as well :( I still haven't finished the partial draft of the 5th book to twilight)

4. I love to go camping with family! I don't care that I cannot shower for a week or have the normal amenities that are at home. I love the brisk morning air and noise of the morning birds...I love sitting around in camp chairs reading or talking. I feel I have 'no worries' when I am, dad and JW I wish we were camping with you right now!

5. I have to burp! It's a problem, I know! Sometimes too often and it's not always lady like :0) I just don't like air pressure's too uncomfortable. I try to be somewhat careful who I am around though. But, sometimes it happens and some people are annoyed..or maybe disgusted?!

6. I have a "clear" mole on the side of my left arm...and I hate it when people notice it and want to touch it. The mole tends to be extra sensitive!

Straw maze

We went to a Straw Maze outside of town with our friends the Allens!! It was so much fun. We thought it was going to be a corn maze and when we showed up and saw the straw bales I wasn't sure how fun it was going to be?? But...the kids and us adults had a great time. Hilarie and I were mainly with the kids running around when we were seperated from the dads. We thought we were making progress until we found Chad back at the beginning. Chad and Scotty had made it to the end. Scott was going to go from the end and Chad from the beginning to try and find us. Needless to say there was a whole other section we hadn't explored yet! The people who put it together did a great job. While we were waiting for Scotty to make it back out when ran into some friends from the ward who planned a work party and let us join in on their donuts and hot coco. Thanks Katheryn and Adam!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So Grandma J gave me some great news...about Twilight! I guess there was going to be a 5th book...check out this site

We can read the partial draft to Midnight Sun!
And yes...I have already started!

Fun times!

Talan and Brooklyn!! They were playing up stairs a little too quiet to so I went up to check on the two of them and found them in the bathroom with a bottle of lotion!! The lotion was all over their hair! They said they were getting ready for church (ha, ha) I guess lotion and mouse are the same :)

Saturday afternoon we took the 4-wheeler out by mesa falls to ride along an old rail road. It was really fun imaging what explores thought when traveling through such beautiful wilderness. On one of the breaks Talan of coarse was right in the sand building a 'sand castle'. Scotty said we traveled about 38 tail bone could definently tell the next day :)