Thursday, December 2, 2010

September 2010

August 2010

Sage McCoy Thompson born Aug 5th

Neighborhood block party!

Some yummy pickings from the garden

Dad took Talan and McKenna on the ward camp out and left sage and I home to rest!!

July 2010

Dad built a sand box in the back yard. The kiddos helping dad haul back the sand!!

At the beach riding the Train that Uncle JJ helps with. McKenna didn't like the loud noises!

Tillamook icecream with cousins!

June 2010

We spent the afternoon with our Cousins!

Talan woke up and put this costume on for the day :) The kids and I decided to go find some garage sales and Talan insisted on wearing his costume-he was really dissappointed when I wouldn't let him wear his underwear on his head when we would get out of the car...he insisted it was 'part of my costume mom!'

hiking with Grandpa

May 2010

After scottys race we camped out at Cape Look out. We love the beach!

Scotty road Reach the Beach again this year (105 miles) but this year with a couple friends

I love these pictures of McKenna and McKenzie

fishing at G&G McCoy

They wake right up and head out to the dirt pile...they play there for hours!