Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2nd Swim Meet-complete!!

Last Friday was my second meet, and I survived again. This week I competed in the 100yd freestyle and 200 freestyle relay where I only have to swim 50 yrds. Knowing I was swimming the 100 the night before gave me butterflies all day!! I can consistently swim 75yrds but 100 I usually stop for a second, or two...or three! Well...I did it! My goal was to FINISH! My time was well...slow to say the least but I wasn't too far behind the last person. For you swimmers my time was 1:51...ok you can stop laughing ;) This just again means I have room for ALOT of improvement! Some days I will have to admit I do not want to go to practice but as always when I'm done I'm glad I went. Swimming is definitely not something that comes natural to my body. This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done! I am so glad the support that Scotty gives me and the encouragement-it has been great to have such a challenge every week! Our next meet is this Friday...I'm anxious to know what events I will be in?? Oh..I am also going to be trying a mini-triathlon the school is putting on!! I am very anxious and nervous mainly for the swimming section. I say mini because we swim 400yds, bike 6miles and run 2 miles... a little short from a sprint tri...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!!

I hope everyone had a special Valentines day! Today was a little different for us. Scotty last minute headed to Reno Nevada yesterday morning to go to a large construction conference that had a career fair today with over 50 construction companies. He said things went really well he felt the trip was worth it! Well, Talan loves it when we decorate with streamers so of course we have new hot pink streamers across the ceiling and as most of you do the table is all decorated red, white and pink with heart confetti, balloons, fun plates and table cloth...McKenna got a new pink stuffed animal dog and Talan a mini lego set that makes 3 different planes! He loves it but it may be a challenge keeping all the small pieces away from Kenna-we will see how long it lasts. Talan was so excited when he woke up to see everything decorated. I wish I was able to get some pictures but Scotty has the camera so we pulled out the video camera (which I wish I did more often!). Talan helped me make this new recipe I found called Caramel Apple oven was so good!! I ate probably more than half-sad but true! After breakfast we played and then decided to venture to the cheep theater and watch Bolt...I was a little worried taking the two kiddos by myself-I haven't taken Kenna to a move since the summer. She actually didn't do too bad. When there was about 30 min left she started to get really antsy so I stepped out but Talan did great. It was cute he would come out and check on Kenna and I to "see how we were doing" ;) I told Talan he could pick out dinner and his choice...mac n' cheese with hotdogs! It's been along time- and actually I was a little excited-it hit the spot oddly enough! It was really sweet a couple families from the ward brought over yummy sugar cookies and valentines for Talan.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


McKenna has become quite the talker/babbler! A couple days ago we noticed she was saying "whats that?" We ask her that alot and she caught on. Yesterday I was getting a drink for Talan and she got all excited and kept asking, "Whats that?" Then I told her what is was and she said "oh" with her lips in a perfect was precious! So we as parents may be the only ones who know what she is saying-but it's cute ;)

Yesterday between preparing all our paperwork for taxes and playing with the kids Talan looked different to me...he is becoming a true little boy that is growing up! It's been so fun to see his creative imagination! Lately he is all about Super Hero's (because he is one and will only wear super hero underwear!) and space ships (he wants dad to draw them constantly and fly paper airplanes that are space ships that fly to the moon-the moon is our living room light!). He of course still wants to build everyday with his lincoln logs, legos and have the train tracks go through and around his buildings! Talan has started asking why, whats that....the questions that can sometimes drive me crazy all the time!! Those little minds are so curious! He loves to play with his friends and really likes to show them how to do things-draw, build...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

McKenna's 1 yr Check-Up

Today McKenna had her one year check-up. She received 5 injections...poor girl! But she did great! Here are her stats:
Weight 16.4 lbs. 1%
Height 26.5 in 1%
Head circumference 16.8 2%
BMI 16.4
So as you can see...she is still quite little compared to others. She is only in the 1-2 percentile! But she eats way more than Talan-go figure! Our kids don't have much hope looing at their short parents ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Random facts about me

I was asked on a different website to do this and thought it was a little interesting so I thought I would share...
This is alot...we will see what I come up with!
1. I hate washing my face at night...I know I need to do it but I rarely do-hense the zits!
2. I love to read, doesn't mean I have time for it. This is a new thing in the past 5 yrs...I used to hate to read!
3. I love peanut butter-Adams Natural Crunchy!
4. I am not a big fan of chocolate...crazy I know!
5. My favorite color to wear is black
6. I love chick flicks-pretty much anything I am not much of a critic
7. I am a calorie counting's not crazy, I'm just aware!
8. I don't listen to CD's often . I like the randomness of the radio.
9. I really like audio books for those long runs!! Especially when I 'm not on shuffle ;)
10. I enjoy cooking now that I plan ahead!
11. My hair is naturally red-I probably will never dye the entire thing until there is too much grey to cover with highlights!! Hey maybe I'll go natural-all grey....
12. I don't mind cleaning toilets but I hate cleaning the floor
13. I miss school sometimes, but I love my job as a dental hygienist
14. I cannot sing-but I like to try
15. I'm not a big fan of dogs...I hate it when they lick me...but I do like gizmo and fletcher especially after their bath!
16. I love excerise-running, eliptical, swimming, cycling...i cannot wait for the ice to melt!
17. I love playing with my kids and wish my husband was always home!
18. My favorite color is red
19. I like to sleep with the window open and a down comforter year-round
20. I've lost 45 pounds since having my baby girl!! YA!
21. I like to get dirty
22. I love camp fires especially with friends
23. I want a simple life...easier said than done sometimes
24. I'm a pack rat...just ask scotty
25. I went through hunters education class when I was like 10 yrs old? (or sooner??)

Strawberry Jam

Talan has always been such a good eater. He eats avocados, oatmeal...almost anything-but he doesn't eat very much...he's our little bird! Lately his favorite thing is Low-sugar Strawberry Jam!! He wants it on EVERYTHING! He also has recently loved green salad and dip the lettuce into ranch or at least that was until two days ago when he wanted to dip his lettuce in jam-yes, jam...he has dipped a mini corn dog in his jam as well as adding jam to celery like I do peanut butter. I am sure like everything else this phase will fade...

I can do it!

As most of you know McKenna turned "1" last Friday and well...she doesn't roll over from her back to stomach without some encouragement! Don't get me wrong it's been a blessing in terms of her sleeping. She lays on her back in the crib and kicks her legs and talks to herself, then falls asleep. Today after her nap I heard her talking to herself and then suddenly I heard her mobile music on which meant one of two things her legs kicked it and turned it on which she has only done once in the whole year or she sat up and turned it on! So I rush up to her room and there she is standing at the side rail talking away!! We were so excited for her!! Until bed time...she laid down great like normal and then soon enough I here her crying awfully-and there she is standing up! I am excited for her to roll over on her own free and will now...but not too ready for this new adventure!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A bad day!!

Yesterday...Sunday-I thought started out great. Scotty had a meeting at church and wasn't sure when he would be getting back before church so I thought I better get ready early and start getting the kids ready so we didn't feel so rushed. The morning went great! Kids were both in good moods and we were all able to get ready and scotty came home earlier than we thought ;) For once I didn't feel rushed to get to church. If you know me I tend to be a little bit of a procrastinator but it feels so good to just be prepared especially for a day I want to be relaxed. So we get to church and due to the construction of a new building we have church inside one of the Universities buildings. Our first meeting is in an auditorium setting which can be difficult when you have kids and may need to get up because crying, need to go potty...Scotty always says, "To be early is to be on time, to be on-time is to be late, and to be late is unacceptable" I think is a good philosophy but sometimes being early isn't to our advantage. When we are early to our first meeting we usually have to move toward the that's what happened. McKenna wouldn't take a nap before church so she was getting restless and Talan was just whining!! By the end of the first hour I was ready to go home-and scotty could tell but I knew going home wouldn't make things better even if I thought it might-so I said we needed to stick around and go to the rest of our classes. Which I am glad we did. Did I feel completely happy and back to normal, no, but I was uplifted. A light bulb came on- I think this is a concept we are all aware of but sometimes I need it spelled out to apply. "The Lord is not going to do things for you that you can do for yourself." Someone gave a great example about the rising up of Lazarus. Jesus had the people their do everything they could do for themselves-show Jesus where the tomb was, open the tomb, unwrap Lazarus...but Jesus did all the things they were incapable of doing-rising Lazarus from the dead.