Thursday, November 6, 2008

I can move...

This past week McKenna has learned that she can get around!!! She does exactly what Talan used to do. She keeps the one leg bent and straightens the other to push off and move. Another freq. move is to get on all 4 and she rocks and bounces forward to move her legs forward. She looks like a little frog. And of course the usually scoot, turn, and get around! She is just too cute! Now she can entertain herself a little better and doesn't panic when I walk out of the room :)


Talan was so excited to wake up to snow!!! As soon as dad got home from school he was headed out the door to 'make foot prints.' Talan has so much fun with his Dad...they are both so lucky!

Attack of the Ducks


A friend reminded us about feeding the ducks at the ponds at the nature trails so...I thought I would take the kids out. Talan really enjoyed feeing the ducks at Hat Rock with Grandma and Grandpa Mac. Well...these ducks and geese knew exactly what they wanted. Right when we pulled up they started to swarm to car! Talan kept saying, 'the ducks are going to eat me mom!" I thought it was cute but he just hid behind my leg and I used the camera case to lightly swing around to keep a barrier. We fed the ducks our bread as quickly as possible and ran off! We decided to go for a walk on the nature path and stopped at the ponds to through much more fun! McKenna really liked watching the ducks she would turn her head as far as she could when we ran off :0)

Monday, November 3, 2008

So much hair!!!

Kenna has so much hair and I am still learning how to do it! We attempted to put a little braid and Kenna did really well...sporadically I get in the spurt to try something new. Thanks Hilarie for the motivation. Hilarie did a 2 linking pony tails with 3 link...(not sure if I explained that right) but it turned out really, really cute! I love having a little girl :0)

Trunk or Treat

Our building complex put on a trunk or treat that was really fun. There were several 'trunks' to 'treat' and Talan made out with a ton of candy!! I finally had to hide it so he would quit asking. Talan as you can see was Tiger again (this is his last year costume) and McKenna was going to be a strawberry but I miss placed her strawberry hat...darn it! Some thought she looked like strawberry shortcake :) Luckily the weather was great. It was a little chilly but much better than last year-ya!

Pumpkin Painting!

We kept putting off carving our yearly pumpkin and finally set a date to do it the night before Scotty flew out to California...but the day and night ended up being way too busy so needless to say it didn't get done :( So, the next day I thought instead of carving the pumpkin we could paint! Talan has loved painting lately and really enjoyed painting the pumpkin, he said it was a 'scary monster.' BUt as you can see McKenna wasn't having the same fun! She wanted to touch the plate of paint and Talan's painting job and he wasn't letting her!

The Allens wanted to have a Halloween party so we helped plan! It turned out to be alot of fun, the families seemed to really enjoy the scavenger hunt! Here is Talan and Brooklyn posing in front of his nice paint job!!

Scotty suggested the we dress up as ran over cyclist for our here is my effort :0) Talan helped 'tie-dye' his shirt and pick out the design. It was fun to see the different designs! Daddy was impressed. Talan and Gunner. They had alot of fun at the party together.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunny Days!

Since the weather has been so nice and soon to go we have been trying to take every advantage of it! Talan has formed himself his own little mud hole by our apartment! He loves to fill up the squirt bottle and make mud he said it is for the pigs...but the only thing he uses is his cars and skateboard! I love boys who love to get all washes away :)

Jon gave Talan a ride around the complex on his dirt bike. Talan even asked him to do a 'wheely' at then end...and Jon did! Talan had a huge smile!! Thanks Jon!

McKenna looks 'cute' mom

The kids being silly!! Talan loves his little sister...he thought is was 'cute' to give McKenna a hat, she liked it too! McKennas current favorite toy is taking apart all the puzzels and chewing on the pieces! (As you can see Talan got a hair cut...Scotty cut it last Sunday while I was taking a nap! He looks so different. My big little boy.)

Beaver Dick Park

The past three weekends the weather has been wonderful!! To take advantage of this weather we have been going out to Beaver Dick Park to have a bon fire with friends before the snow starts to stick!! We love fires...Talan has been able to play with his friend Garret while we roast marshmallows, hotdogs have hot coco and enjoy some dutch oven cooking :0) This last weekend we roast apples on the fire...yum, yum!

Scotty, Talan and Garret

Our friends Caralee (who will be missed come December), Samm and AJ

Caralee and I mixed up a suprise (hamburger, bacon, potatoes, carrots, onions, mushroom soup and cheese)for dinner. After we arrived at the fire I realized we forgot a large metal spoon to stir things around and help serve so...Jon found a piece of finish work someone left behind and widled a spoon!

The spoon worked great for stiring and serving ;)

Talan got a little tired and fell asleep bundled up in his chair.

Ward Relay

So this is early October news but I just downloaded the pictures. Our ward participated in the Spirit Ward Relay...and our ward won..we completed 30 laps as the first married ward! I almost didn't go until Susan's husband called and said we should I packed the kids up in the stroller and we ran to the stadium to help run a few laps! McKenna did great as well as Talan until the mascot came around...he has always been scared of dressed up characters. He came running over to me hugging my leg almost crying about the 'Pirate'...yep he thought the Viking was a Pirate and he was really scared :0) Talan's friend Gunner wasn't too fond of the mascot either! All in all Talan had a good time running and playing with Gunner and Dexter.

Heidi and baby Jack

Hike 'R' Mountain

After the Talans birthday party since the weather was so nice we decided to take a hike up 'R' Mountain. Scotty has hiked if for a geology class but we have never gone together. Talan wanted to walk and we put McKenna in the back pack. Iwas curious to see how well Talan would do. Over the summer he hiked pretty well by himself but there were always times when he wanted to be carried. Well...he did great!! He hiked the entire thing up and down all by himself. There were some areas that were really rocky that you had to climb up and he climbed without hesitation!! We were so proud of him.