Monday, October 20, 2008

Talan turned 3!!!

Happy Birthday Talan!! Boy how the time flies by. Talan knew exactly what he wanted this year. He informed me he wanted a 'Train Party' and a 'Chocolate Birthday Cake'! So of course that is what he got for his special day! The weather was amazing. Nice and sunny and no wind...odd for Rexburg! Talan thought the cake and decorations where 'really cool, mom' He spent the morning hanging out with dad while I cleaned. They went and washed the Rover, went Rock Crawling and while they were at Beaver Dick Park a guy offered to give him a ride on his boat-ooh, awhh. Scotty said he had alot of fun. His party went great they played a bean bag toss game and pin the face on Thomas the Train.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cell Phone Tragedy!!

So I think our one family cell phone :) has had's been ran over, dropped, thrown, drooled on...and has survived a good 2 1/2 years...well it has decided to quit charging!!!! Honestly the hardest part for me has been not being able to make the long distance calls that I have been wanting to make over the past few days and the alarm clock issue! Yes I use my phone as an alarm clock right under my I have to use an alarm clock that I paid $1 for at a yard sale that Scotty really doesn't like :) He insists on using an alarm clock that he has had since he was like 14 or 15 yrs's actually sort of cute.

So anyway we are in the process of decided to buy a new phone via the web or some other resource or to cancel our service all together and be 'cell phone less' What an odd idea this day in age! Scotty is having mixed feelings-he loves the idea of being touch less but he has also realized the nice convience as well...

Meanwhile if you need to reach us call the HOUSE phone or e-mail...we really aren't avoiding you...we just can't call!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have been Tagged!

(sorry this took so, so ,so long Brooke :0)
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours-

Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them ( I don't know how to link :) I tag- Katelyn, Hilarie, Kathryn, Marnae, Sokimna, Diane

6 quirks....

1. I like to scratch my doesn't itch or anything it just feels so, so good! I love it when scotty sits by me when we are watching a movie and he will rub and scratch my head, the bad part is I will probably go bald sooner!! I loose alot of hair sometimes...?

2. I really don't love chocolate! I know I am weird...unless it is a troufel (sp?) -thanks Hilarie-they just melt in your mouth. I prefer sour candies or vanilla ice cream!

3. I really like to read! This is new for me in the past 5 years! I love starting a new book and cannot wait to finish it to start another. It was great nursing McKenna, thats when I got alot of my reading done but she seems too interested in the book I am holding than nursing so that had to stop...therefore my reading has decreased dramatically as well :( I still haven't finished the partial draft of the 5th book to twilight)

4. I love to go camping with family! I don't care that I cannot shower for a week or have the normal amenities that are at home. I love the brisk morning air and noise of the morning birds...I love sitting around in camp chairs reading or talking. I feel I have 'no worries' when I am, dad and JW I wish we were camping with you right now!

5. I have to burp! It's a problem, I know! Sometimes too often and it's not always lady like :0) I just don't like air pressure's too uncomfortable. I try to be somewhat careful who I am around though. But, sometimes it happens and some people are annoyed..or maybe disgusted?!

6. I have a "clear" mole on the side of my left arm...and I hate it when people notice it and want to touch it. The mole tends to be extra sensitive!

Straw maze

We went to a Straw Maze outside of town with our friends the Allens!! It was so much fun. We thought it was going to be a corn maze and when we showed up and saw the straw bales I wasn't sure how fun it was going to be?? But...the kids and us adults had a great time. Hilarie and I were mainly with the kids running around when we were seperated from the dads. We thought we were making progress until we found Chad back at the beginning. Chad and Scotty had made it to the end. Scott was going to go from the end and Chad from the beginning to try and find us. Needless to say there was a whole other section we hadn't explored yet! The people who put it together did a great job. While we were waiting for Scotty to make it back out when ran into some friends from the ward who planned a work party and let us join in on their donuts and hot coco. Thanks Katheryn and Adam!