Sunday, March 29, 2009

Swim Meet Results**Triathlon

Here is a recap of this semester...for my own information/records...
#1 January 30
200 Medley relay-freestyle leg
50 yrd freestyle 50:52

#2 February 20
100 yrd freestyle 1:51
200 yrd Freestyle Relay

#3 February 27
50 yrd freestyle 46:36
100 yrd freestyle 1:49
200 yrd medley relay-freestyle leg

February 28 (First Tri)
Swim 400 yrds, bike 6 miles, run 2 miles (all events inside)- 45 minutes

What a great experience!! We started out with the swimming first-my freestyle didn't last long-I would rotate with backstroke to have alittle break but just keep moving...there was 5 in my heat and I completed my swimming portion 4th in my heat. Then I ran downstairs to the stationary bikes-I knew this was were I would have to make up my slow swimming I did! My legs were sure burning but it was really actually fun-I ended up finishing 2nd in the bike portion (that means I caught up and passed 2 people!!!) Boy after that my legs where TIGHT!! It felt so weird trying to stretch out my quad and run down to the field house to start the 2 miles run (22 laps). It felt really good-it was all an adrenaline rush-My goal was to finish in 50 minutes- I really had no idea how I would do and I finished in 45 min! I was excited-I couldn't wait to do the next!!

March 13 #4

50 yrd freestyle 45.78
100 yrd freestyle 1:49.44
200 yrd freestyle relay
100 yrd breaststroke 3:16.26

So this meet Oliver (my coach) e-mailed me the roster since I wasn't able to make it to the pasta dinner-mind you I don't know how to do the breast stroke-I figured it was an error so I e-mailed him back letting him know. He wrote back saying he thought I needed to "spread my branches"...I thought it was totally sarcasm the beginning of the meet he came up to me and asked if I was ready for 4 events, I was confused-he was serious! I continued to tell him I didn't know the stroke and so he said we better jump in the pool and learn!!! OMG!! so needless to say we spent the next 30 minutes ATTEMPTING to learn the backstroke. It wasn't going good but Oliver asked if I would do it! I said I would try my hardest and FINISH if he really wanted me to- so we did!! I thought I was going to die! 100 yrds is along long way especially when you can hardly do something. The thing I love about BYU-I is everyones support!! I am positive I wouldn't of had the same experience somewhere else. So needless to say I completed but very slowly ;)

March 20 #5

50 yrd freestyle 44.56
200 yrd freestyle relay

March 27 Prelims

50yd freestyle 42:04 (1st in my heat-8 second improvement!!)

100 yrd freestyle 1:40:10 (2nd in my heat-9 second improvement!)

March 28 Triathlon!! Swim 600 yrds in the pool, Bike 13.5 miles outside and run a 5K outside! Scotty went to the storage unit to get something for my mountain bike (the road bike we left at Christmas break at my moms ;( and he has been 'jonesing' to ride. He asked if he could just do the biking portion and I said he could if he was on a team...well we found a babysitter very last minute and off we went. It was really fun doing this together as a team!! I met a girl Catlyn right at the beginning of the run and we were slow and steady! We ended up passing alot of people just trucking along- I ended with a 22:10 5K!! I think that is the fastest I have ever ran a 5K even when I ran cross country in High school! Then scotty biked 13.5 miles on a very cold and windy day-but he did awesome for not being on a bike in 3+ months 59:59 then I swam 600 yrds 14:54!! I was excited my goal was 15 minutes ;)

We finished 23rd out of 36 teams/individuals! It was a great experience-thanks Scotty!!

Later that night...was Swimming legs where sooo... tired-I think from the run!

March 28 Championships

Well obviously I didn't qualify but I was able to participate in some relays-

200 Medley relay

400 Freestyle relay

This semester was so much fun! I am so thankful for the support Scotty gives me! I realized I miss being on a team and having that challenge. Swimming is a great challenge for me, one of the hardest I have had in along time but what a good experience of accomplishment! I still may not be the fastest but I continued to work hard and improve. I met alot of wonderful people this last semester that have had an impact on me. Thanks Heidi for encouraging me to go out for Swim Team this had to be the best place to learn and have the experience of being on a swim team!! Go Titans-I will miss you-I already do!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

St. Patricks Treats!

March 15, 2009
I thought it would be fun to make sugar cookies and let Talan decorate them for all his friends. So we did, and it was great. Talan had a great time mixing all the sprinkles together and then dumping them on the cookies!! We made St. Patricks day and Easter cookies (since we won't be here for Easter) we made shamrocks, bunnies and ducks! Well...(as you can tell I cannot get the pictures in the right order) We divided all the cookies up in plates for his friends and Kenna got hungry so we put her in her chair to eat-I thought we set the plates far enough away-Scotty and I left the kitchen to look at something and this is what we came back to!! She crawled out of her seat and was into almost ALL the cookies-she had them on her hands on her face-EVERYWHERE-some she just liked the frosting and others she actually took bites out of the cookies! We were laughing hysterically but as you can see she wasn't too happy when we stopped the fun! Needless to say-most of the kids Talan wanted to give cookies to did not receive any!!! Sorry!T
These are the few cookies we saved for our family-Talan already nibbled a bite!

He did a really good job and had fun!!

Talan loves to help me cook, he pulls up the stool and has to dump and stir everything in so I decided to make him an apron...I think it's boyish! The bottom has 3 pockets he loves to put the spoons and measuring cups in his pockets until I need them. He is such a great helper...sometimes more than needed ;)

Green Canyon Hot Springs

March 14, 2009
Brooke invited us to go to Green Canyon Hot Springs with all her family that live around Rexburg. The kids had a great time! I didn't get to take pictures in the pool but here we are getting dressed. Talan had fun playing with his noodle and beach ball and McKenna was in a 'whale baby floater' thing and was so relaxed. she layed her head down on the front and just chilled. Sometimes she would have her eyes closed and then open and look around. There was SOOO many people there but we still had a great time. Thanks Brooke!

(Thanks Kim and Bailey for the swimming suit, if we didn't have it poor Kenna would have been naked!)

Fire Department Play Date

March 12, 2009
Katrina invited us to their play date to take a tour of the fire department...the boys loved it!! Talan did get alittle scared when they put their masks on, then he doesn't want anything to do with the trucks-he hugs an hides behind my leg! They let the kids look at the ambulance and walk through-Talan didn't want anything to do with it until Grey and Jett ran through at least 10x's then he asked, "momma, can I go in the truck?" it was cute-he was so cautious looking at everything and then climbed out slowly.

Grey, 3 little girls, Jett, Talan-they were all excited about their little coloring booklets they all received!

Thurman's in Rexburg!!

March 11, 2009-Today I got a call from my great friend Brooke says she was in town...I was so excited, the best part is the vacation is longer than just a weekend it's about 3 weeks long! Talan, Jett and Grey play so well together! We have had alot of fun already. They went with us to UV play date at Arctic Circle, another play date to the fire department, green canyon hot springs with Brookes family, and of course lots of time between our apartment and her in-laws home where they are staying. We wish we lived closer-but they still reside in good ol' Kentucky :) Every morning at 5:30 we have been going to the gym together-it's been fun having a partner-it surely makes me get my butt out of bed with out hitting the snooze button when I really feel like 'snoozing'!! Brooke cuts hair great and suggested cutting McKenna's here is her 3rd hair cut at 13 months!! I bet not many 13 month old girls can say that ;0) It looks so cute! Now it looks so much fuller. She has a little 'Stack' now...

Jett and Talan playing between the apartments in the snow (that is mostly gone now!!!)

They where trying hard to get this darn car to cooperate...determined little boys!

Girly Hair

I was excited about McKennas hair...this is our new creation-I think it's adorable! It was fun to incorporate braids, and then all her hair is off her neck.

Fun times

(March 7, 2009)
McKenna and Talan LOVE bath time!!Look at bows match my diaper!! I am already color coordinating ;)

Yep, we are in cloth diapers!

Beautiful Weather...finally!

Starting yesterday we had a fabulous day!! The sun was out and it really wasn't windy. Friday we babysat Brookes boys Jett and Grey while she was able to get some shopping done and Talan loved it! We spent almost the entire day outside at the playground between the apartments. The only time we came in was to lay McKenna down to nap and! I even got a tan line! People were amazed at the swim meet wondering where I got a tan line already!!

Today was another great day. I spent most of the day at the school. The university put on a conference that had some great classes. I went to "How to cook with wheat" (which I am most excited about-I am already applying what I learned-we are making wheat berries and growing wheat sprouts...I'll keep you posted on how it goes?!), "The Book of Mormon at Breakfast" (we are most successful in the morning-I am excited to apply what I have learned-prophets here we come on the Honey Bunches of Oats...), and "Frugality" ( I think we are pretty frugal but there is always room for improvement). Talan's good friend Gunner had his 3rd birthday party today so they went to the fire department to see the fire trucks and then home to the play ground for cupcakes. Scotty said he was still alittle scared (we went 2 weeks ago with a play group and last summer...the firemen are a little scary to him) but McKenna had a great time. Then Mr. T just road his bike all around and used my ladle to dig in the snow that is still present. This afternoon we enjoyed the company of our neighbors Melinda and Galen eating cinnamon rolls and enjoying the sun! (Thanks for the wheat...I'll keep you posted Melinda!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Talan, Daddy day!

(March 7)
Last Saturday Scotty thought he would take Talan to the Airplane Museum at the airport...he loved it! Scotty said he was a little nervous to get on some of them but still had a great time, I wonder how long his love for planes and pretty much anything cool that flies will last?? After the museum they went out where daddy sometimes off-roads and found this...some crazy guy thought the ice was thick enough to drive on...they where skeptical about the rovers abilities...but, to their suprise it performed easily!!

Letting the *wiggles* out!

March 9
A few weeks ago I took the kids to artic Circle to run around their new play ground to give Talan room to run so for the first time we decided to try McDonalds play structure as well...Talan loved it! They had a lot of cool slide. It was great to let him run around, and then fall asleep for a nap afterward!

Does it look like I am having fun??

He saw a girl older than him climbing the post so he kept trying!!

St. Patricks art...

(March 5)
With the really, really cold weather poor Talan has been getting really 'stir crazy' so I decided we needed to have more organized activities so due to the holiday coming up we made a shamrock. Talan colored macaroni noodles in zip lock bags with food coloring, then we cut out a shamrock from a paper plate and he painted it-which is always one of his favorite things to do then we decided to glue to noodles on the paper-he was bored of that part pretty quickly...he eventually told me to do it, he didn't like getting the glue on his fingers :0)

Gotta love the "cheesie" smiles!!

**Future band star**

(March 5)
We have one of those flute things...I cannot remember what they are called for the life of me-McKenna and Talan love to blow on it and make it whistle...


(March 2, 2009)
So miss McKenna cakes has not been liking milk!! I started to try and give her milk one week before she turned one and...not too successful! I have tried all % of milk, cold-warm-and pretty warm. Then we tried Soy milk since I usually have it on had-and-she seemed to like it for about a week then started letting it dribble out her mouth. Then we tried Almond Milk-and, the same thing drank it for about a day and then not again. So I took these pictures because...she drank a whole cup of milk for me at dinner ONE night. I thought we made a break through but it only lasted a night ;) I continue to give her a little each day and hopefully eventually she will agree!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The first five people to respond to this post will WIN

something made by us!

Our choice.
For you.

**Please read the fine print.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

1. we make no guarantees that you will like what we make!

2. What we create will be just for you and will completely help you feel our honor and gratitude.

3. It'll be done this year.

4. You have no clue what it's going to be. We are pretty crafty people, so who knows? Not you, that's for sure!

5. We reserve the right to send you whatever it is we feel most excited to make and deem suitable for you, our loyal blog reader....and a word of caution:

6. Don't expect something expensive, we are students near starvation! But, we do have quite a scope for the imagination. ;)

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog. ...We'll be checking! :)


This post is devoted to Talan! His imagination has gone crazy, and I love it! I keep wishing I would write down all the cute things but I never seem to do it! It's fun you can talk to him almost like any other adult-and he responds in almost complete sentences ;) Lately he has been having imaginary people. When we were playing with his horses and dinosaur there was an imaginary "horse doctor" and today he had an imaginary brother that was going to come over-his name was Henry! He has done great going the bathroom and has been able to wipe his bum all by himself, he's doing a pretty good job. A couple days ago I was in the kitchen feeding McKenna while Talan was going to the bathroom, he wanted me to come see him and then he walks out of the bathroom and says he is a "chicken." The sight I saw: Talan walking out with his pants off, sticking his bumby out and shaking it with toilet paper sticking out his bumb like a rooster!! He kept shaking it and saying he was a chicken! So it sounds pretty bad but it was really funny!
This is a picture of Talan with my swim cap on, he thought it was really funny!
Talan is all about trying to make funny faces! Here is his most common face!
If were not making faces then we are building. He starts off with building the cabin or "spaceship" and then you incorporate the trains. He continues to be amazed by space ships and planes. After watching Horton Hears a Who now he imagines we are on a little planet...called "Planet Who"
With the cold, cold weather we try and have "play dates" sometimes to have some interaction. These are a couple of Talans buddies, Henry and Gunner. The gate is to keep the babies-McKenna and Jack away from the train track! The weather has been beautiful with the bright sun, but very, very, cold! Talan loves to see the sun and then says, "it's a good day mom" It sure is a good day but really, really cold with the wind. When it is really windy he says it is "a hard wind." To get some of the built up energy out we have gone to Arctic Circle and played on there new play structure and today we went to McDonald's to play-he had a great time!