Monday, September 15, 2008


So Grandma J gave me some great news...about Twilight! I guess there was going to be a 5th book...check out this site

We can read the partial draft to Midnight Sun!
And yes...I have already started!

Fun times!

Talan and Brooklyn!! They were playing up stairs a little too quiet to so I went up to check on the two of them and found them in the bathroom with a bottle of lotion!! The lotion was all over their hair! They said they were getting ready for church (ha, ha) I guess lotion and mouse are the same :)

Saturday afternoon we took the 4-wheeler out by mesa falls to ride along an old rail road. It was really fun imaging what explores thought when traveling through such beautiful wilderness. On one of the breaks Talan of coarse was right in the sand building a 'sand castle'. Scotty said we traveled about 38 tail bone could definently tell the next day :)

Cute Pics!

Here are some cute pics of McKenna...I cannot believe how fast she is growing! She is sure developing her own little personality:)

Labor Day Weekend!

Katelyn, Dallin, Eric and Cassie came down for the weekend to take Eric and Cassie to the Oregon Coast. It's always so much fun to have all the family in town.
Talan and Great-Great Grandma, with a smile!!

We love having the chance to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Thompson.

Talan wanted to go run into the water at Seaside...crazy little kid that is obsessed with water! Well Jessica and Katelyn said the would take him out to get his feet wet. Talan thought that was really neat and as time went on he got braver and braver until one time when he turned to run away from the tide and fell flat on his face! It was pretty funny but he was a little scared...but not for long. After he calmed down and took his wet shirt and pants off he wanted back in...I didn't bring any other clothes so the only option was to strip down to the diaper!!! I am a crazy mom I know but the weather wasn't actually all that bad and I kept felling his legs which were actually pretty warm (he is just like his dad)!!! After awhile dad bought a kite and Granpa helped him fly it then the sat in the sand and built 'sand castles' for along time. What great day at the beach! Later of coarse we walked down the main strip and let Talan ride the you can see he had alot of fun.

Aunt Katelyn and adorable!

Scotty is all about camp fires!! It was great to have a fire in the back yard when ever we had the energy to do so :)

Aunt Kim and Bailey...we miss you!

Jackie is in Town!!

Jackie thanks for making time in your busy, busy schedule to see us!! It has been way...too long.

I am geared up and ready to go!

Whenever Dad gets home from work and geared up to go for a bike ride Talan ALWAYS wants to go so today he geared up just like dad...helmet, gloves, glasses and of coarse style :)
Someday he will be able to come along!

Mount St. Helens

Another hike exploring!! Talan really enjoyed it. All along the hike he gradually filled his pockets with rocks. He has become quite the rock collector. The weather was great. This is the first time I can remember being on top of the mountain were you could see!! Usually there is dense fog that you cannot see past the rock wall at the look out!

Mt. Hood

(August 16, 2008)

We went for a drive and hike up to Mt. Hood. What a beautiful place! Talan likes to call it 'mountained hood' McKenna is such a trooper. We are training her early for all the hikes and adventures that are sure to come.

Look at me mom!

(August 11, 2008)
Talan as usual come wakes up and come into our room between 5am and 6am. Well one morning I was a little tired and kept trying to bribe Talan to go back to sleep...well all of a sudden I wake up and I can see that Talan has his lamp on that is by his bed so we can read books to him before he goes to sleep. So, I was think maybe Grandma was in the room but then realized the actual bedroom light was not on which grandma would have turned on and I heard Talan talking. I decided I better get my butt our of bed and see what is going on, well this is what I found! He pulled a folding chair up to the crib and climbed in. When he saw me his first words were, "look mom, Kenna's awake!" Oh, I wonder why??


McKenna's First Rice cereal!! August 12, 2008. Boy does she like real food. Now she cannot get her eyes off your food when you are eating around her. Wow she is growing up so quickly!

Murrayhill Ward Camp-out!

We were able to go to the ward camp-out at Fort Steven's along the Oregon Coast! The weather was wonderful all weekend. Talan had a great time playing in the sand and riding his bike...he would ride his bike around and around the park making sure he hit every puddle! When he was riding around our site he decided to plant a tree (twig) in the trunk of his trike :) We were able to do some hiking around the sites. Grandma, Andrew, Jessica, Scotty and I road our bikes to Battery Russell..ok so it was raining then. It was really fun though!

It's breakfast time!

Summer Fun with Taylor and Haley

Talan always looked forward to playing in the water at Taylor and Haleys!

Haley and Talan found a fun!

We visited Tualatin Fire Deparment and explored a fire truck. Papa would be proud. Thanks for such a fun summer Taylor and Haley!

I am WAY Behind!!

Sorry I went over an entire month before posting any of our great adventures. So I am going to attempt to make up for it. So much happened during August!
On July 26th one of my greatest friends from High School got married at Eagle Rock Lodge near Eugene Oregon and asked Talan to be one of the ring bearers. He was so adorable carring her 'Mr. Wrinkles' and Danielle was absolutely beautiful! The wedding wasn't until Saturday evening so we spent the morning exploring the beautiful mountains and found a lake we could rent a boat and float around in. Talan thought is was pretty cool! Michelle at the wedding was teaching Talan how to play the viola (sp?), hopefully Talan will have some musical talent :)