Monday, December 8, 2008


Our friends Nicki and Ryan Nichols invited our family to go sing Christmas songs at the nursing home with them and a few other families. Thank you so much! We had soo..much fun-Talan loved it-he continued to sing songs all the way home :) We enjoyed some really good sugar cookies, brownies and yummy frothy (sp?) hot coco before we headed out. Scotty and I both know we don't have the prettiest voices to be singing but we really enjoyed our time there and it seemed like the residence did as well. One little old man even had Talan sit on his lap, it was precious! I love this time of year. We all tend to be a little more thoughtful and go out of our way to make others feel special more often than normal. Thanks again for a memorable FHE.

****First SNOW****

I awoke at 4:30am to hearing the snowplows!!! I love what they do but boy are they loud! It worked out ok since I had to get up at 4:50 anyway to get ready to go swim with Heidi...but still-it took me a little while to realize what all the noise was about, I couldn't believe it SNOWED!!! Ya-so I truly do have mixed feelings. I love the snow but not for 9 months so I sure hope it doesn't stick around that long! But it did feel a little bit warmer today :) Talan was so excited to see the snow-he wouldn't stop asking if we could go outside and play starting at 6:30am! We finally went out around 9:30 and played for about 2 hours, it was so much fun! Here are some pictures the fabulous photographer Heidi took with her new camera-the kids look so cute. Heidi helped the boys build a snowman-I am sure Heidi has had alot of practice growing up in Alaska!
Kaden, Gunner, Talan-cheese
Kaden, Brooklyn, Gunner, Talan - Making Snowangels

Gunner and Talan hugging Mr. cute!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving at the McCoy's

We went to the festival of lights at the Fairgrounds and there was Santa...ya. So we decided to take advantage of the moment-and McKenna as you can tell gave 'the look' but she didn't cry-that's an improvement from Talans first sight of Santa! It was cold but we enjoyed walking around looking at all the lights. Scotty was the only brave guy to come :) This was the first time in a very, very long time that we were all together. Michelle and all her family and all our family plus my cousin Brandon came to my parents for the week. We had alot of fun. Unfortunately Dad got sick, then Scotty, and Brandon and eventually you see pattern-all the guys :) Hopefully JW lucks out and doesn't get whatever was going around!

Talan loves driving his car-he had alot of fun driving him and Jonathan around! Two peas in a pod. They played really well together this week! We went bowling one afternoon and Talan had a you can see! McKayla and Sierra had fun letting him help them bowl!

This is a better sight than the past 2 years! Ya! He actually had fun with Santa!

Twilight Midnight showing!!

(Nov 21, 2008)
A few of us where die hard enough to go to the midnight showing of Twilight!! We had a great time! It was even Lindsays Birthday at midnight...what a great Birthday :) We arrived 1 1/2 hours early hoping we just wouldn't be sitting in the very front row...well needless to say we weren't early enough-we were toward the end of the line and ended up in row....2 (ha, ha) at least it wasn't row 1!! Even with that it was still really good. Some people had been waiting in line since Thanks again girls, I had a great time!

Cute kids and books

Talan and McKenna both LOVE books...this was a fun day of the two of them sharing books. Talan is particularly fond of ANY book that contains animals!!
McKenna just looked adorable! ( I am a little partial though :)

They are in a stare down...Kenna has started giving 'the eye' she looks down at you and tries to roll her eyes up into the back of her's really quite cute!
Talan sure is a great big brother, sometimes wants to be a little too helpful but he sure does love her, and you can tell she loves her brother-he can always make her laught!!

Show your muscles!

(Nov 9, 08)
This is Talan running around after stopped him and said, "show me your muscles"...and this is what he did! Periodically he will ask me, where are your muscles momma? Show them too me. I guess we like to flex our muscles around here :)

Madagascar 2-Opening day!

(Nov 7, 2008)
Talan was anticipating this movie for 2 weeks!! He saw an advertisement on the TV and wanted to watch it. After explaining to him that we cannot watch it for two weeks later that day when we were driving around town he asked if we were going to the theater....I couldn't believe it! So when the opening day came we made an event out of it. He wanted to wear his Madagascar sweater/outfit and we watched the first one. At the movie we even bought a kids pack-which was a little popcorn, candy and drink in a little box-he thought is was pretty special!!